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Do you need images for your brand, restaurant, website, social media or blog? Prep Thyme Studio - aka Kim will work with you to create mouth watering food and thirst-quenching drink images to serve all of your digital and print photography needs.

All photography jobs are different depending on the needs of the client.  However, there are some basic expenses involved in most shoots including pre/post production costs, camera and lighting equipment; backdrops, props and linens; food/beverage ingredient costs; digital processing and retouching; image licensing; and my creative fee which varies depending on the complexity of the project.​

Please note that there isn't a standard price list for food photography. Try to provide as much detail as possible in the estimate request questionnaire, so that I can give you the most accurate estimate. 

If you are unsure about your exact photography needs, feel free to reach out to me to answer your questions. I'm happy to schedule a phone or video call, if local to RTP I can meet in person.


Includes all required lighting, camera equipment, creative fee, shot list preparation, setup and teardown, image processing in order to fulfill the request. One year storage of images. All administrative duties, quote, image delivery and invoicing. Includes multiple angles of each Set Up. You may request 5 Images/Dishes and receive 30+ images.



If you are not providing the styling (chef or bartender) good news with my hospitality background I can provide these services for a fee. Planning of each image, color theory, composition, props, ensuring food/beverage is ready on time once lighting is ready, preparing food/beverage and time to grocery shop when applicable. Recipe planning or research.



If you are a small business and don't have a marketing team, I can provide a plan and make suggestions for your social media account and website.  I can provide best practices to get the most use of your images.


Micro Influencer - Instagram

I have great engagements on Instagram. I have a network of foodies, photographers and businesses. I can create a post, stories, gifs and reels and highlight your product and benefits.

Let's Work Together

Please complete this questionnaire form and I'll be in touch for next steps.