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Pricing + Services Options

The best method is a phone call and we will discuss your goals and budget. Quickly we can determine what is feasible.   You can also submit form below which will kickstart the process.

Options include:

1. Day rates and half day rates

2. Pricing by theme (set up, backgrounds)

3. Price per image

4. Quarterly plans

5. Social media Post + Story options

note: I provide all images and will include multiple angles and will crop for social media options when requested.  Example you need (5) Images, you may receive 10-20.

estimate request questionnaire form

food & drinks photography 

Whether it's in my studio or shooting on location, I have the experience from planning the shoot to styling the food and cocktails, resulting in captivating images.

product photography

I'll work with you to determine the best scene for your product. I use strobes and various lighting techniques to ensure your product is the star.

Let's Work Together

Please complete this questionnaire form and I'll be in touch for next steps.