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Thanks for stopping by. The best method to determine pricing, is a phone call. We will discuss your goals and budget. Contact me via email, then we can set up a time to talk.

If you know your scope, please fill out the form, linked below. This will give me preliminary information that can speed up the process.

Photography Services:

  • Products - Food packaging, equipment, liquor brands, wellness + beauty products

  • Restaurant/Bar Photography on location - bar scenes, kitchen scenes, table set up, cocktails

  • Headshots of staff/chef/mixologists

  • Business owner in your environment, store, salon, or your kitchen (bloggers)

Options include:

  • Day rates and half day rates

  • Pricing by theme (set up, backgrounds)

  • Price per image

  • Quarterly plans

  • Social media Post + Story options

  • Customised by scope your budget and time


I provide all images and will include multiple angles and will crop for social media, if some images to be used on your website, please let me know and I'll prepare those images with the correct settings.  Example you need (5) Images/products/cocktails, you may receive 10-20 cropped images.

Let's Work Together

Please complete this questionnaire form and I'll be in touch for next steps.


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