• Prep Thyme Kim

Easy Pantry Pasta Meal

Updated: Sep 21

Hungry? Try this easy pantry pasta. You know you need to run to the grocery store, but want to make something now. Then check your pantry, most of these items you may already have. If not, plan it now and keep these staples handy and you can make several meals from them.


  • Gluten-Free Pasta penne (half of the box for two, whole box for 4)

  • 1 Medium Yellow 

  • Jar of Kalamata Olives (use half for recipe)

  • Jar of Mushrooms

  • Jar of Capers (use half for recipe)

  • Olive Oil (a few tablespoons)

  • Lemons (1-2)

  • Salt and pepper

  • Optional Basil (1/4 cup) and Feta cheese (1/2 cup)

The great thing about this pantry recipe is your measurements don't have to be precise. Add a little of this and a lot of that. Mix and taste, then if needed add more olive oil or lemon juice. Maybe you really love olives, then add some more. Have fun you can't mess this up.


  1. Make pasta per directions on the box

  2. Saute your onions, mushrooms with some olive oil

  3. Drain water from pasta (save a little of the water).

  4. In the same pot add onions and mushrooms, add capers, olives and squeeze a lemon and drizzle with olive oil, salt, and pepper to taste. (taste it, you may want more lemon or olive oil or even salt and pepper), if dry add a little of the pasta water or more olive oil

  5. Optional: add feta cheese add some fresh basil